Effects of Imbalance of Panchamahabhutas in a Building

The effect of the imbalance  of the 5  elements on the human body is easily felt but the effect of  any imbalance in a building is experienced in the form of  certain disturbances  for the occupants  which may be physical, mental, financial etc.

  1. Imbalance of Earth: This can take place in various ways.
  • a depression in the south west
  • south-west corner cut off
  • owner of the house living in some other part of the house etc

Earth is represented by the south –west corner of a  building. It should be the heaviest and highest part of a house,  and should be occupied  only by the owner of the house or the boss in an office.

  1. Imbalance of Water:
  • North-east being raised
  • having a fire source in north-east
  • north-east being cut off
  • having a toilet in the north- east

Water is represented by the North-East corner of a building. It should be the lowest, cleanest and most uncluttered part of the building. It is most  ideal for  a prayer area.  An  imbalance in this area leads to financial and mental  problems.

  1. Imbalance of Fire:
  • depression in the south east
  • water resources in south east

Fire is represented  by the South –East of a building. This zone is best for a kitchen in a house or electrical  boards, airconditioning plants etc.

Fire is the element for vision and fame. Any imbalance leads to  conflicts and litigation.

  1. Imbalance of Air:
  • depression in north-west
  • water in the north-west

Air is represented by the North-west. It is the element for feelings. Imbalance in the North-West blocks goodwill of people towards the occupants of the building or towards goods and services in an office or commercial establishment. Imbalance in the North- West also increases expenditure.

  1. Imbalance of Space:
  • water source in center of the building
  • heavy storage in center of building

Space is represented  by the Center of a building. This element is for internal strength.  Imbalance in the center causes inner strength to be lost and also a drain in finances.