The Caladium Story

Chapter 1.

Bulbs: Both old bulbs and new ones can be used. I bought a few new ones because I particularly wanted the red and white ones.

The Caladium Story - Caladium Bulbs

Chapter 2.

Prepare the soil. Take 1/3rd each of soil, compost and cocopeat and mix together.


The Caladium Story - Soil


The Caladium Story - Cocopeat


The Caladium Story - Compost


Compost and cocopeat and mix together

Chapter 3.

Fill the empty pots with this mixture.
Place 2-3 bulbs in each pot and cover with the mixture.
Add a label if you wish. I did.

Caladium - Add Pots label

……..and all done !!!!!

Caladium - Add Pots label

Let them bask in the sun for 1-2 months.

Chapter 4.

Baby Caladiums unfurling. These are from my old preserved bulbs. The new ones have not unfurled yet.

Baby Caladiums unfurling

Chapter 5.

Unfurling their glory leaf by leaf. These are the new bulbs with the labels.

Caladium new bulbs with the labels

Chapter 6.

All ready and blooming! The label on the bulbs and what grew from the bulbs don’t match. But they are beautiful anyway!!!!

All ready and blooming

grew from the bulbs

grew from the bulbs

grew from the bulbs