1. The kitchen is best located in the South-East corner of the house called Aagneya. If this is not possible then the second alternative is North-West although this leads to additional expenditure. Other locations are East or South.
  1. In any zone, always face East while cooking, to pay a spiritual tribute to the life sustaining Sun. and make sure that the stove is in the South-East Never have the kitchen in the North-East, South-West or the Center of the house.
  1. Astrologically, the kitchen is governed by Venus because he is the lord of the South East direction and water is his element, and Mars because he rules the South and fire is his element.
  1. The washing sink should be in the North-East as far as possible. Water storage should also be in the North-East.
  1. The refrigerator can be placed in the South-East, West or South but never in the South-West.
  1. Cereals, spices etc should be stored in the North-West in glass jars. Plastic jars hamper the energy of the grains.
  1. The slope of the kitchen should be toward the North-East.
  1. Electrical appliances can be placed in the South-East or the South.
  1. While cooking, the person should not have his/her back towards the entrance of the kitchen. If this is the case, a mirror can be put behind the stove to reflect the entry.
  1. The kitchen should never be under a staircase or above, below or adjacent to a toilet. Tamas energy prevails in a toilet while freshly prepared food is full of Sattvik energy.
  1. Having an open area above the stove is auspicious. Avoid having an extractor hood directly above the stove because it disturbs the subtle flow and circulation of fiery energy required for auspicious cooking. It is better to have an open window or, an exhaust fan as part of the window.
  1. If the stove and sink are adjacent, then place an earthenware or ceramic pot between them .the Earth element in between soothes the bitter enemies fire and water.