1. Water fountain should be in the NE.
  1. In a W facing garden grow plants with aroma and fragrance.
  1. Avoid any water body in SE zone. Water tank in the SE is a serious Vastu defect.
  1. Kitchen or toilet in the NE is a major Vastu defect.
  1. Water body in the W may cause stagnant relationship with friends or clients.
  1. Avoid pictures of water or ocean in the SW.
  1. A natural crystal cluster gives harmonious vibrations.
  1. Water flow should be from south to north or west to east.
  1. Main door is the most auspicious because it is the entry point of energy to the house. It should be always decorated with auspicious symbols and beautiful colours. A Main door in poor condition indicates weak and polluted vibrations in the house.
  1. Aquarium in the North brings positive movement in business.

Aquariums should be avoided in the bedroom

  1. Any object which is away from the house with the distance of more than double the height of the premises does not count as a Vastu defect.
  1. White marble flooring is the best option for the NE.
  1. Keep the NE zone neat and clean and free of clutter.
  1. Paint the SW corner in yellow or keep a yellow pyramid.
  2. Trees should not be grown in the North or East. South and West are preferred.