Vastu And Lords Of Directions And Their Planets


Indra is ruler of the East .In the Vedas he is called the king of Antariksha. He is the lord of the luminous mind who fought Vritra the demon who symbolises the negative forces of ignorance and evil. He is also referred to as the maker of rains because he fights the stayer of rains.

The planet of  the East is Surya, the Sun, Lord of light and truth, illuminator of the universe and of the spiritual space within man. He is the manifest power of the divine since he is the one who  illuminatesthe physical world.

South East:

South East is governed by Agniwho has two heads, the sacrificial fire and the domestic one. The most important and universal of the Vedic gods, he is the purifier. He is the light of knowledge that compels humans towards spiritual progress. He is the link between the gods and humans, accepting oblations from humans and transferring them to the gods.


South is governed by Yama, the lord of death. He is the son of the Sun and the supreme consciousness from which came the creation of the universe.

He presides over Death and  imparts justice according to ones deeds since he is the lord of Dharma and Justice. He was the first mortal to die and discover the  way to the other world and so he became the guide of the dead.

The planet for the  South is Mars. Mars represents fire, fierce independence, aggressiveness, weapons, and daring nature.

South West:

The guardian of the South West is Nairuti who is a demon and is associated with all types of calamities,  trouble, poverty, bad dreams, vices and illness.

In order to keep out the the negative influence of Nairuti, the SW should be elevated and filled with very heavy load.

The planet for SW is Rahu, who also represents vices, pollution, etc.


Lord of the West is Varuna, the king of all dominions and master of all the oceans and all the air. He is Omnipresent and Omniscient.

The planet for the West is Saturn who  represents human resources, iron, armoury, black grains ,and the storeroom of the house.

North West:

The guardian of the NW is Vayu. Vayu is the cosmic breath which manifests in man as Prana responsible for life itself.

The planet for the NW is Moon who represents mind, heart, mother, daughter, and good things of life.


The presiding deity of the north is Kuber, the divine protector of wealth and guardian of all the treasures on earth.

The planet is Mercurywho  represents communication, philosophy, education, writing, family affluence and prosperity. Mercury also represents  the treasury where jewels and documents are kept. Since Mercury represents communication, from a Vastu perspective, Mercury represents the drawing room where friends and relatives meet and discuss.

North East:

Ishan is the protector of the NE. He is Shiva himself, he who has no equal. He is omnipotent and omnipresent. He is Om and Omkaara.

The planet for the NE is Jupiter. He represents mantra, Vedas, gods, religious duty, movements in heaven, nectar, finance.

There is also an opinion that Ketu rules the NE, representing occult sciences, esoteric knowledge, philosophy. However this opinion has been very  controversial. In  the house Ketu represents stagnant water, the rear door and  the staircase.