Vastu Guidelines for Children’s Study Room

  1. The best location for children’s study room is North, East or North-East. These directions attract the positive effects of Mercury, Jupiter, Sun and Venus.
  • Mercury known as Budh, is the lord of the direction North and rules education ,teachers, writers etc. He also rules intelligence , speech,  self-confidence wit etc.
  • Jupiter known as Brihaspati or Guru, is the lord of the North-East and said to be the intellect and speech of the ViratPurusha, the Cosmic Body. He is the presiding deity of mental powers and the teacher of gods. He is the ruler of the sun and the moon and controls the movement of the planets.
  • Venus known as Shukra, is the lord of South-East. Venus is important in education because of his association with the science of mantras and ayurvedic medicine, chemistry and creativity ,art and music.
  • Sun known as Surya, rules the East and gives life force, intellect, brilliance, prosperity wisdom and fame. East is the direction of new beginnings and supports new life and growth.

child-study-room-vastu-tips-Vastu Guidelines for Children’s Study Room

  1. A student should face East while studying and also have his head in the East while sleeping. Facing East enhances the quality of concentration and enhances mental capacity. If this is not possible then he can face North-East or North.
  1. The entrance of the study room can be North, East or North-East.
  1. Books and cupboards can be kept in the South –West part of the room.
  1. Ideally it is best not to have any electrical equipment like TV or music system etc inside the room because the radiations have a detrimental effect. However today , the computer has become a necessity.
  1. The North-East  and the Center of the room,  should be kept clean and  free of clutter
  1. The study room can be painted green since it is the colour of Mercury.
  2. The student should not sit directly under a beam. If this is the case then it should be covered with a false ceiling.
  3. Adequte amount of  natural light and fresh air is mandatory.
  4. The table used for study should be a square or a rectangle. The corners should not be cut.
  5. There should be free flow of energy in front of the table. The table should not be against the wall. This will create an obstruction in the flow of energy. putting a bookshelf on top of the table in front of the student is not a good idea.
  6. If there is a mirror in the room keep it covered.
  7. Occupying the same place and orienting to the same direction daily  builds up the students positive aura in the room.
  8. Never allow others to make use of the study room for any other purpose.