Placement of an Aquarium According to Vastu Shashtra

Placement of Aquarium according to Vastu


Hindu mythology tells us that Lord Vishnu’s first incarnation was that of a fish: Matsya Avatar. Mahavishnu took on this avatar at the end of the Satyuga when there was  a great flood. Mahavishnu , in his Matsya Avatar, saved humanity and the Vedas from being destroyed in the flood.There are temples dedicated to Matsya Avatar one each in Tamilnadu , Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat. Matsya avatar marks the beginning of the Dashavatars of Lord Vishnu. The annual festival of Matsya Jayanti falls on Chaitra Shukla Paksha Tritya ( March-ApriL.

Our shastras mention that evil forces do not enter a house when  there is an Agni burning or any creature like a fish, watching.
It is believed that fish absorb negative energy and their movement in the water  contributes to positive energy.

Aquariums have a very good effect if placed in the living room in the North, East or North-East cornerThe living room is the place where people visiting may bring in negative energy. This is why it is recommended to place an aquarium in this area. The living room itself should be in the North-West zone of the house.

It is not advised to have an aquarium in the bedroom or the kitchen.